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You need to know what hashtags have high engagement and the best time of the day to use them.

•Hashtag Engagement Scores

Not all Instagram hashtags are equal. Some will give high engagement by people who are genuinely interested in your content and many will not. Engagement Scores work like magic and will show you which hashtags will give the best results.

•Hashtag Best Post Time Calculator

Posting at the right time of day for your hashtags can make a huge difference to how many people you reach. The Hashtag Best Post Time Calculator intelligently combines hourly activity data from all your chosen hashtags to show you a graph with the best times to post overall for your hashtag set.

•Top User Hashtags

See what hashtags are being used by top performing users from within your topic.

Find the best current hashtags for your posts and avoid the overcrowded and general ones. Effortlessly dig deep into Instagram's hashtag network and discover hashtags with real communities.

Make more genuine connections -creatively, socially or for business.

You provide a hashtag or username as a starting point and the advanced algorithm offers you a unique stream of recommended hashtags based on your choices. Depending on how deep you want to dig in no time you will have up to 30 highly suitable and effective hashtags ready to copy to Instagram. You will often end up with a different hashtag set each time you use Hashtag Finder. This keeps things fresh and connects you with wider audiences.

screen shot

How important is the quality of the hashtags you use?

In order to answer this question a photo was posted twice each with a different set of 30 hashtags onto the Instagram account @hashtag_finder.


#californialiving #usa #californiadreaming #californiacoast #beachlife #californialove #oceanview #malibubeach #beachvibes #californiadreamin #travellingram #sunset_love #sunset_lovers #ocean #sunsetlover #seaside #skyporn #californialife #carmel #sunsetlovers #cali #sunsets_captures #californiaphotographer #traveljunkie #sunsetphotography #sunsetcliffs #cloudscape #outdoors #californian #highway1

This set got 15 likes and 13 impressions.
Average Hashtag Engagement Score: 40%

#bigsurcoast #californiaholics #californialife #wildcalifornia #rawcalifornia #california4fun #caliinviteyou #naturalcalifornia #travelcalifornia #explorecalifornia #bigsurcalifornia #visitcarmel #hwy1 #pointlobos #exploreourearth #worldshares #welcometonature #calivibes #amongthewild #californiaroadtrip #awesomedreamplaces #discovercalifornia #outdoorcollective #wildandco #landscapephotohub #californiatrip #nationalparkgeek #ig_california #adventurenthusiasts #idhikethat

While this set got 128 likes and 1041 impressions!
Average Hashtag Engagement Score: 80%

There is a huge difference here and we can see that the second set of tags is vastly superior. It is clear to see just how important it is to use high quality hashtags.

But besides trial and error how can we tell which hashtags are the good ones? Every hashtag recommendation from Hashtag Finder comes with a Hashtag Engagement Score which is an absolute game changer for your hashtag sets.

These two sets of hashtags came from Hashtag Finder. The first set was made up of tags with Engagement Scores ranging from 0% up to 50% and the set of 30 had an average score of 40%. For the second set only high scoring tags were chosen and the average Engagement Score for the set was 80%.

In short, it is essential to avoid useless hashtags and only use the ones with high engagement. Hashtag Finder's hashtag Engagement Scores is how you do this.

screen shot

Hashtag Finder has given the hashtag #californiadreaming a low Engagement Score of 25%. You probably shouldn't use this hashtag however you can use it as a hashtag seed.

screen shot

Hashtag Finder has given the hashtag #discovercalifornia a high Engagement Score of 77%. These are the tags you want to use.

The Hashtag Engagement Score tool

Use this tool to see the overall engagement score of your hashtag sets. Paste in up to 30 tags and press GO to see if you have been using high or low engagement hashtags.

Does it matter what time of day you use your Instagram hashtags?

You might have already read about certain times to post on instagram to get better engagement. These times are based on what hours of the day your followers are most active on Instagram.

What isn't talked about is that each hashtag also has different peak times when people are more active and times when people are less active.

Hashtag Finder is the only tool that will show you peak times of activity and times of low activity for your hashtag set. Using the Hashtag Best Post Times feature, it combines the activity data from each of the 30 hashtags you have found into one graph to show you overall hourly activity.

So using this information to what extent does the time you post affect engagement from your chosen hashtags?


Here is the Best Times graph for the good quality hashtag set used for the california coastline photo.

As you can see here the graph shows peak activity at 1am and lowest activity at around 3pm.

When the photo was posted at the low point of activity at 3pm it got 616 impressions from hashtags.

When the photo was posted at the peak point of activity at 1am it got 1040 impressions from hashtags.

That is a huge 70% increase of impressions.

This experiment was done for 7 more photos:

1.Using Hashtag Finder a set of 30 hashtags was found for the photo.
2.The Best Times where calculated for that hashtag set.
3.The photo was posted twice using those hashtags, once at the low activity time and once at the peak activity time according to the Best Times graph.
4.After 24 hrs the amount of impressions were compared for those two post times.

It was found that the average increase of impressions by posting at the peak time was 96%.

It is clear that the time of day you post for your hashtags definitely matters and the Hashtag Finder Best Times graph is an extremely valuable tool.


Posted at low time (2pm): 104 impressions.
Posted at peak (2am): 477 impressions.
360% increase.


Posted at low time (3pm): 72 impressions.
Posted at peak (12am): 97 impressions.
34% increase.


Posted at low time (2pm): 102 impressions.
Posted at peak (2am): 235 impressions.
130% increase.


Posted at low time (2pm): 242 impressions.
Posted at peak (9pm): 333 impressions.
37% increase.

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